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We Send Your Hard Work Home
Info Express has been an authorized agent of Ria® Money Transfers since April 2006.
Ria Financial Services, the world's largest privately owned money transfer company.

Since 1987 they have endeavoured successfully to provide a cost effective, secure and fast alternative to sending money to the families and loved ones worldwide. Now serving more than 85 countries, RIA has emerged as a global leader in remittances and is a recognized benchmark in both quality and service.
To send money you will need to visit us personally at our office. 20 High str. Boston, PE21 8SH
The transfer fee is only 4-5% of the amount transferred.
To certain countries the fee is fixed - for example to Poland, Romania is £5 for any amount and to Brazil is just £2 for any amount.
For all details on the services and full list of the countries visit Ria® Money Transfers.